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Our history..

  1. 1971


    Foundation of Technoplastiki Dramas. The company was operating in leased small premises, at north west suburb of Drama city. Mission statement: The manufacture of milk packaging from plastic material. Main customers: DELTA, MEVGAL, AGNO, NEOGAL, SERGAL.

  2. 1977


    Investment in private land and building of 400m2 factory, in the Industrial Area of Drama.

  3. 1979



    Construction of 300m2 warehouse.

  4. 1987


    Replacement of milk packaging in Greece. The HDPE bottles were replaced by carton packs.

  5. 1988


    Reconstruction of all production lines to produce PVC bottles for table and mineral water. Main customers: NIGRITA, FLORINA, SAMARINA, LEYKIMI, OLYMPUS SPRINGS

  6. 1997


    Replacements of water packaging in Greece. Since then, table and mineral water is bottling in PET bottles instead of PVC bottles. Again we adjust to market needs , the production returned to HDPE bottles and caps as well as PP bottles, vials and jars. Until next stop in the timeline the company produces bottles for fermented Milk, their lids, and PP bottles and jars for water and devotional candles respectively. Finally we add table salt packaging decorated with silk printing stamps on them to our production. Main customers : NEOGAL, EVROFARMA, VIO.KER, GLAROS.

  7. 2004


    Investment in PET bottles: Start up of the first production line in stretch blow molding production of PET bottles. At the same time we create product families of HDPE and PET products to serve all the packaging needs of dairy companies. Main customers: MEVGAL, EVROFARMA, NEOGAL.

  8. 2009


    Creation of Business plan of 780,000€, for the expansion, renovation and enhancement of the company’s buildings and offices. Modernization and acquisition of old and new machinery for the Production of PET performs

  9. 2011


    Completion of construction works of new buildings, surroundings , offices of total 2500m2

  10. 2012


    Completion of Business plan. Vertical integration of PET production, HDPE, PP,LDPE. Main customers: MEVGAL, FARMA KOUKAKIS, VI.TOM, AGNO NEOGAL. Trading activities: Exports to Albania, Portugal, Cyprus

  11. 2017


    Creation of a permanent R&D team, consisting of Company’s executives and external partners (institutes, Universities etc). Innovative processes and new products are the main goals of the department.

  12. 2018


    Our first 3D printer installed in-house. Also this is the first original Prusa I3MK2 in Greece

  13. 2019


    European Commission invites  “ TECHNOPLASTIKI DRAMAS” among 20 Greek Innovative Companies, to Brussels in order to communicate its supporting programmes for innovating European companies.

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